After a spectacular celebration of the Centenary of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, those of us who sit on the General Committee of the FCI set ourselves the task of carrying on with our work for another hundred years of services dedicated to dog lovers all over the world in an atmosphere of companionship and with a team working on targets which have been set with the aim of getting straight to grips with the challenges of the future.

One of the great challenges we face, in all Sections of the FCI, Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, relates to laws which set out to restrict dog ownership and declare many of our current breeds to be dangerous. I am aware that all of the Sections of the FCI are engaged in legal battles either to prevent these laws being passed or to repeal those which are already in force.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI Vice-President

FCI’s European cup for Continental Pointers 2012

This year, the continental pointers elite had their annual appointment in Zadar, a former Venetian port in the beautiful Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and today a touristic paradise. There were the most important trials of the year for these breeds, because after the FCI European Cup, the Spring World Championship for German Shorthaired Pointers and the World Championship of the Amicale de l’Epagneul Breton used the same fields.

The organisation, under the expert orientation of Dr Velimir Sruk, was at the expense of the Croatian Kennel Club, with the local help of Zadar's Kennel Club. The president of the Croatian Kennel Club, Dr Damir Skok, headed the events and the secretary, Dr Bojan Matakovich, gave his invaluable support. The local infrastructure was planned by Mr Branco Sare with much success, and the accommodation, in a privileged area next to Zadar's port, was excellent.

© Marijan Cizmesija
Barrage of the Continental Pointing Dogs European Cup: Cyclone, left, and Diam's, right. Behind, Bahlke and the judges Fernández, Rooijakkers and Vlahos.

The entries totalised 58 dogs from 15 countries, of them 52 team holders and 6 stand by dogs. The final dog’s field presence by country was: Belgium (4), Cyprus (1), Croatia (4), Czech Republic (4), France (4), Greece (3), Holland (4), Italy (4), Serbia (4), Slovakia (3), Spain (4), Sweden (4), Switzerland (1), Poland (4) and Ukraine (4).

In the afternoon of Sunday the 26th the national teams and judges presentation took place in the gardens of the hotel complex. At the end of the parade, words of welcome were addressed to the participants by the president Dr Skok, and at his invitation, by Mr A. Fernández, the mayor of Zadar and a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The dogs were distributed in 4 series under the care of the following juries:

  1. P. Rooijakkers (Holland) assisted by A. Collantes (Spain) and G. Fragidis (Greece);
  2. P. Bahlke (Holland) assisted by A. Fernández (Spain) and V. Vlasak (Czech Rep.);
  3. G. J. Scheffer (Holland) assisted by A. Rodríguez (Spain) and V. Novotny (Czech R.);
  4. F. Textor (Holland) assisted by A. Irastorza (Spain) and K. Vlahos (Greece).

The jury of the Barrage: A. Fernández assisted by P. Rooijakkers and K. Vlahos.

Next morning, Monday the 27th, was nicely sunny though cooled by the Bora, a wind from the Balkans that blows towards the Adriatic Sea, sometimes with extraordinary force. Being this time moderate enough, it was still a little uncomfortable. The four batteries where divided into the nearby localities of Nin, Dunji Zemonik and Prkos. Their fields, abundant in partridges and with a vegetation and structure very well adapted to these breeds trial’s, are kept in excellent condition by the local hunter’s associations, whose principal members contribute to the success of the trials guiding the judges on their respective fields.

Because the cold weather, the partridges, still not completely paired, were ready to fly at the slightest provocation, eliminating this way the least prudent. Only two dogs reached the CACT, and went to the barrage for the CACIT, a German Shorthaired Pointer bitch: Europa Diam's du Pied du Mont, from the French team, led by her owner Ms Christelle Bataille and a male Epagneul Breton: Cyclone de l'Ardour, from the Spanish team, led by Luis Fuentes. The CACIT was awarded to the latter and to Europe the R-CACIT, therefore, the individual classification was as follows:

1st and Champion of Europe: Cyclone de l'Ardour (Spain);

2nd and Vice-champion of Europe: Europa Diam's du Pied du Mont (France).

Inversely, the team of the French Kennel Club was Champion of Europe and that of the Spanish Kennel Club Vice-champion.

© Marijan Cizmesija
Antonio M. Fernández handing over the Championship trophy to the French team.

Congratulations to the winners and to the Croatian Kennel Club because in everybody’s words the whole event was a great success.

Antonio M. Fernández